Friday, November 22, 2013

Swatches of It's Fall Thanks To You by Glitter Daze

Hi guys! 

Remember how much I said I loved the It's Fall Thanks To You Mini I got in my Glitter Daze box this month? Well, I couldn't wait to try it on. 

IFTTY is a pink/orange duo chrome with purplish red glass fleck shimmer. I used three coats. I know this doesn't exactly qualify as nail art, but I was uninspired and I had naked nails, and I needed something to put on them between now and my thanksgiving mani (which I'm probably just going to re-create my fall leaves mani). 

I used I <3 Nail Polish's Mutagen for my accent nail, which is a crazy multichrome green/blue/gray/purple that seriously looks radio-active on your nails. Whenever I do an accent nail I always wish I did the whole mani that color, but I really love both of these colors. For this I also used three coats, no undies. 

Here it is with's a completely different color! 

I <3 Nail Polishes recently re-formulated their multichromes, and now they're all holographic (which kind of makes me wish I didn't buy them at first), but luckily for me I have a holographic top coat, so I don't have to buy four brand new nail polishes. 

I put Rainbow Syrup by Ellagee on each nail, and then topped it with Glisten and Glow HK girl. 

Can't really see it, I was going to take pictures this morning but the sun was nowhere to be found. 

I was REALLY rough on my hands today at work, and I only had some minor tipwear on a few nails, which I touched up. I think I'm going to be using two layers of top coat from now on and reapplying a layer every few days. 

As a side note, I've been using this app to catalogue my nail polishes and to make a note of whether I've tried them or not. I was literally almost done, and I realized that, while I was going for a walk before my phone deleted the app, along with all the data. So mad. I wasted so much time! I'll get over it.
I'm still really tempted to get the I <3 NP holographic multichromes. They're for sale right now! They also have some really cool Christmas polishes coming out which I am definitely getting.


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