Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pistol Polish November 2013 Duo

Hi guys! So today I got my PISTOL Polish November duo in the mail. I usually get my PISTOL exactly two days after they send the shipping email, so today I was stalking the mail man and watching him out my window like a crazy serial killer. 

I opened my mail box and was sad for a second because I didn't see it right away, but there it was, all the way in the back :). 

The packaging is a little different this time, it has this instead of the double pistols (I really liked those!) 

And here is the duo: 

The one on the left is called Big Bang, and here is the description: 

"We live color (author's note: I'm not sure if this is a type-o or not), but every once in a while a PISTOL craves a clean slate to clear her mind and prep for the "big bang," - that ahh-ha moment that sparks a dream. Stark while (a/n: pretty sure this is supposed to say white), a prominent nail trend of the season, is amazing alone or as the star of nail art. Or, try it as a base under brights and watch the colors pop." 

I use white pretty much in every other manicure, so this will most likely be my go-to from now on. Everyone can use white, whether you like it by itself, for nail art, as an undie for glitters, or before you sponge on your ombré colors. You can never have enough white polish!

The one on the right is called Bite the Bullet, and here is the description: 

"Inspired by misty fall mornings along the coast, this blue-gray hue, also known as "livid," is subtle yet powerful, just like you. It doesn't scream to be noticed, but wear this icy hue and we guarantee the clouds will clear."

This is a work-safe, almost denim color (it reminds me of jeans). It's a nice wintery hue, and I can see myself using it as an undie for winter nail art (and maybe stamping Big Bang on top!). 

As always, here are the swatches:

Not gonna lie, I'm kind of missing the shimmery colors, like the ones from the last two boxes (although, I can always put on a glitter top coat :). These colors are essential though, and are going to be SO pretty for winter.

I <3 my PISTOL :) 

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