Friday, November 15, 2013

Lynx Cosmetics Mystery Island Mixes

Hi guys!

Today was like Christmas for me. I got my Ipsy, my Glitterdaze, and my recent order from Lynx Cosmetics, which is what I'm going to show you now!

I am so excited to show you these. Remember when I said that I was going on a no-buy in November? And when I said I broke my no-buy for a fun and exciting reason? These are it!

Recently Lynx Cosmetics has created some really unique nail polishes called Mystery Island Mixes. I first saw them on Instagram. They look mostly clear with a few layers of glitter/pigment, and you can't really tell what they'll look like because you have to shake them. Here is the description from LC:

"The bottom of my bottle is a Mystery Island of beautiful color! You can see a glimpse of what I may look like, but there are layers of surprise glitters and colors all around me. You won't know what beautiful polish I am until I arrive at your doorstep! Add the mixing bead into my bottle to fully mix my colors and see all my beauty."

This is such a cool and unique idea that I absolutely could not resist. I picked out three, based on the colors/glitters I could see because I figured I would like them. 

Here is the first one. 

This is what it looked like when I took it out of the package (and pretty much how it looks on the website):

This color is called You're Hot Then You're Cold.

This is what it looks like after shaking it vigorously for a few minutes:

This is a really pretty blue base with big red circle glitters, tiny red circle glitters and holographic gold microglitters. This one might be my favorite. It reminds me of Superman/Snow White. The holographic microglitters are what make this polish. 

This one is called A Unicorn Was Born, and it is Limited Edition, and I believe no longer available. It reminds me of The Little Mermaid. I saw this on IG and it said there were only two left, and my brain automatically went "I must have one of them!"

This is what it looks like shaken. It's a very light blue base with small pink circle glitters, pale blue hexes, and tiny gold glitters. I could have sworn it was also supposed to have a mystery scent, but I smelled it a bunch of times and it just smells like nail polish (i stopped smelling it after a while because I didn't want to get high on nail polish fumes ;)

This last one is called Spectra Bomb. I thought it was going to be holographic (spectraflair) and it has a lot of pretty colors. It looks kind of like theres a tiny genie inside :) 

This is a really cool milky white base with glitters in literally every color of the rainbow and large white hexes. This was after minutes of shaking it and I still feel like I didn't mix it enough. 

You really have to shake the hell out of these. arms were sore after. They give you a little steel mixing ball in a little plastic baggie attached to each polish. 

Here they are swatched on a nail wheel:

From left to right : Specrta Bomb, You're Hot Then You're Cold, and A Unicorn Was Born

What do you guys think of these? I've never seen anything like them. I think that Lynx is making different ones each month, and right now they have two different sized mystery bags with never before seen Mystery Island Mixes! I am SOOO tempted, but I'm still on that no-buy. And these are the only polishes I've bought since I've been on the no-buy (I even said no to the new Julep mystery box) so I'm pretty proud of myself!

Go to and get some for yourself!


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  1. This seems like such a fun idea! I love You're Hot Then You're Cold, the combination of blue base and red/gold glitters reminds me of superheroes too :)