Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dance Legend 180 Termo Shine (with glitter)

Hi guys!

So today I wanted to share with you a polish that I recently got that I've been dying for. It's Termo Shine (with glitter) 180 by Dance Legend. If you didn't know, Dance Legend is a Russian company (they ship to the U.S., but big nail polish retailers (like Llarowe and Ninja Polish) also carry them. 

I first saw this polish on Jen, the Polishaholic's blog. I knew immediately that I HAD to have it. This was the first thermo polish I had ever seen, and it changes from black to really light (almost clear) silver, which is probably the most dramatic change I've seen in a thermo. Also, it has glitter! Of course it was out of stock everywhere, and the company's page was down for a while, but I stalked the site as soon as the page was back up and ordered directly from Dance Legend when it was available. 

Here is a "cold" shot, with Shirley Temple by Ellagee for the accent nail. I've already shown this polish before, and I thought i would be cool to have a different color thermo as an accent.

With flash:

Here is a transition photo:

And here is a "warm" photo

This is going to be fun to play with at work. I ordered this on September 3rd, and it just came a few weeks ago. And then a few days ago, they sent me another one! I got excited because I thought it was the multichromes I ordered from them (I ordered the entire collection). I ordered these a few days later, but apparently the shipping was delayed. Hoping I get them by December!

On top I used one coat of HK Girl Top Coat and then a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-dry to help with chipping. 

Now I need to go to sleep so I can be up at 7 for work :(


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