Saturday, November 16, 2013

Glitter Daze Daze of the Month November 2013 Box

Hi guys! So yesterday I got my Glitter Daze Daze of the Month Ultra Box for November! Yay! 

For some reason I didn't take a full box shot like usual, I think it was because I had so many things to open and I just kind of threw everything all around. 

Here is my full size for this month:

It's called A Pie-ce of My Heart, and it's a glitter topper with various shapes and sizes of maroon, hot pink, orange, red, yellow, and black glitters. I wasn't excited when I first saw it (it's a glitter topper and you see A LOT of purple when you look at it) but it's actually pretty cool and perfect for fall. 

Here's a swatch of it: 

Next is my mini:

This is called Its Fall Thanks To You, and this is probably my favorite color of anything ever. It's a pink to orange duo chrome (my two favorite colors) with purplish red glass fleck shimmer. I really wish this was the full size and the other one was the mini, and I fully intend to pick up a full size when it becomes available. I was wondering what polish to use for my thanksgiving mani, and I don't have to wonder anymore. 


My extras: 

Moisturizing cuticle stick: I can definitely use one of these, my cuticles hate me right now. It's peonie scented, and I really like the way it smells. 

Melting wax: this month Glitter Daze partnered with a Dallas based scented wax subscription company, The Melting Fairy Wax Co. As you can see, I already used one. Basically you need something (I don't know what it's called) that holds the wax on top and you burn a candle on the bottom so the wax melts. Luckily I have these readily available throughout my house: 

The scent was peppermint caramel popcorn, and it smelled really good at first. But after a while, I didn't want my room to smell like it anymore. It's a pretty weird combination. If it was just peppermint or just caramel, I probably would have liked it a lot better. I'll probably still wind up using the other half though. 

Also, anyone who orders in November gets a coupon code for a purchase in December from 3-35% off (it's a surprise so you won't know until you enter it). I definitely plan on using mine to get a full size of Its Fall Thanks To You and the St Pattys Day Duo (apparently I plan holiday manicures very early). 

I love Glitter Daze, and I will probably review my subscription after the holidays are over. Or next week. I havnt decided yet. 


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